Welcome to my pages here!

Allcharmed is actually my main toon name I used from the retail version of World of Warcraft, but I have toons on both the Alliance and Horde side, but they are just on different realms, though, so there is no conflict. There are things I love about both sides, and I love WoW Classic, too, so whenever I'm able to play on here, you might see me scattered around all over the place on there. :D

About the pages here, since I only use a computer to view these pages with and not my phone, these pages might be viewed better via an actual computer instead of being viewed with a phone, but I don't know for sure because I've never viewed them with my phone, and I'm absolutely not tech savvy in anyway whatsoever. Oh, and most of the pages here should have music playing on them.

I just prefer the more creative stuff about the internet instead of the techincal stuff, so I'm just winging it at these pages here as I go along. Hope it's all viewable! :)

It's definitely a work in progress type thing...With the pages here, I'm combining just some personal things along with some World of Warcraft added touches here and there when I can add them :)...Because from the very moment I first stepped into WoW, I totally fell in love with it! I want to add more pages when I can, but for now.....